Energy commodity prices

The prices in the charts are spot prices of the product for immediate settlement (payment-delivery).

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DescriptionPrice chartInformation
Oil price (BRENT)
USD per barrel
Brent Crude, is the largest crude oil type used for the pricing of two thirds of crude oil traded world wide and is extracted from the North Sea. Brent crude price serves as a major benchmark price according to which the oil production from Europe, America, Africa and Middle East destined for the west is priced. There are however large parts of Europe that are supplied from Russia.
It is traded in the Intercontinental Exchange and the New York Merchantile Exchange (NYMEX)
Oil price WTI
(West Texas Intermediate)
USD per barrel
West Texas Intermediate (WTI), is a type of crude oil used as benchmark for the pricing of oil and is the underlying commodity of oil futures traded in the New York Mercantile Exchange. The price of WTI is used as reference in North America along with Brent price. Other important types of crude oil that serve as benchmarks are the Dubai crude and the OPEC reference Basket.
Natural gas price
USD per mmBTU (1 million BTU)