International prices - Oats, No. 2 milling, Mnpls


Banana, Europe

Banana, US

Bananas, Central American and Ecuador, FOB U.S. Ports

Barley (Canada), feed, Western No. 1, Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

Barley, Canadian no.1 Western Barley, spot price


Cocoa beans, International Cocoa Organization cash price, CIF US and European ports

Cocoa, ICE

Coconut oil (Philippines/Indonesia), bulk

Coffee, Arabica

Coffee, Brazilian, Comp.

Coffee, Colombian, NY lb.

Coffee, Other Mild Arabicas, International Coffee Organization New York cash price, ex-dock New York

Coffee, Robusta, International Coffee Organization indicator price

Corn gluten feed, Midwest, ton

Corn oil, crude wet/dry mill

Corn, No. 2 yellow. Cent. Ill.

Cotton, ICE

Cotton, Memphis


Maize US No.2, f.o.b. US Gulf ports Maize Price

Oats, No. 2 milling, Mnpls

Olive Oil, extra virgin less than 1% free fatty acid, ex-tanker price U.K.


Palm oil, 5% bulk, Europe Palm oil Price

Potassium chloride

Rice, 5 percent broken milled white rice, Thailand nominal price quote

Rice, Long Grain Milled, No. 2 AR

Rice, Thai A.1

Rice, Vietnamese 5%

Soybean Oil, Chicago Soybean Oil Futures (first contract forward) exchange approved grades

Soybean oil, crude; Central Illinois

Soybean oil, ex-mill Netherlands Soybean oil Price

Soybeans, No. 1 yellow Illinois,

Sugar, EU

Sugar, European import price, CIF Europe

Sugar, Free Market, Coffee Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (CSCE) contract no.11 nearest future position

Sugar, U.S. import price, contract no.14 nearest futures position, (Footnote: No. 14 revised to No. 16)

Sugar, US

Sugar, world

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil, Sunflower Oil, US export price from Gulf of Mexico, US$ per metric ton

Tea, Colombo

Tea, Kolkata auctions, arithmetic average of weekly quotes.

Tea, Mombasa, Kenya, Auction Price, from July 1998,Kenya auctions, Best Pekoe Fannings. Prior, London auctions, c.i.f. U.K. warehouses

Tea, Mombasa/Nairobi auctions

Tea, avg 3 auctions


Wheat, Canadian

Wheat, No. 1 soft white, del Portland, Ore

Wheat, No. 2 soft red, St.Louis

Wheat, No.1 Hard Red Winter, ordinary protein, Kansas City, US$ per metric ton

Wheat, Spring 14%

Wheat, Spring 14.5%

Wheat, Spring 15%

Wheat, US HRW

Wheat, US SRW

Wheat, hard, KC

White rice, Thai 25%

White rice, Thai 5%

Source: Quandl